Saturday, January 16, 2010

SAMO as an end to to mindwash religion, nowhere politics and bogus philosophy.

Amy already has that jazz about the moonies in her blog so I'm not going to bother.
I was waiting in the doctor's for 3 hours today, I began to unravel due to the snooker on the TV being my only form of entertainment.

But it wasn't all a bore-fest, a baby girl nearly died while i was waiting for the doctor, her mum went nuts and i remembered what heartbreak felt like.
Luckily the girl was revived within a few minutes and her cries made everyone sigh with relief, we all formed a bond that second, especially me and the strangely hot single mother there.

My mum was using the internet a few hours ago and she somehow managed to uninstall counterstrike 1.6 off the computer, i have no idea how she did this because she can barely delete individual files.

That DVD i bought the other day - "Basquiat" was really good, i loved David Bowie as Andy Warhol.

Well I'm gonna go watch Futurama now so laters gators...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The great elsewhere...

Followed him out to the end of the pier.
"Don't come any closer," he cried, "I am afraid
Of the man I'll become if I lay my
Life down for the people that I don't even care for."
Face to his face, I put my
Hand into his and I tried to tell him, "No,
I've seen his work upon the panes of cathedrals,
In the sweat of the workers and the flight of the seagulls."

My words were drowned out by the sound
Of the motors and rowers, the ship as it ran aground
And from the trees came a thousand soldiers.
I went down on my knees with a spear in my shoulder.
About face, about face, I swam back
To the Victoria. I shiver with the
Memory, memory of the island dwellers
And the indifference's of the Storyteller.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Post Script...

I'm not going to sleep tonight.

more zolpidem ramblings...

I know what it is like to be in love.

I know what it is like to love.

They are not the same.

I will probably never love you.

But I would like to think I could.

You are a character in a book.

I am a flightless bird.

I will never understand you.

I would like to keep it that way.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


My psychiatrist wants me to go on lithium.
Oh dear...

Monday, January 4, 2010

Inventing a new colour...

Last night I had a strange experience, I was in bed, it would have been about 2am, it was almost pitch dark (the only light coming from the bathroom down the hall) and powerfully silent, all I could hear was my heartbeat.
For some reason I thought of a song and for some other reason I concentrated on the melody, slowly I started to hear the song, not in my mind but sensing it in my ears.
I've never hallucinated music before.
I tried it again a few hours ago and succeeded, but I have to be focusing on it intently without distraction from light or sound.
Strangely the notes in the song were not equal in intensity but certain notes were much more powerful than others, so much so they seemed to have some effect on my brain like it was vibrating or something.

Also, I think I have reflux.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Owen Pallett's new album 'Heartland' has leaked to the internet, i downloaded it yesterday and fell asleep listening to it.

Its different to 'He Poo's Clouds', more electronic elements, weirder, longer, sometimes more poppier, its hard to tell with just one listen.

I'll probably buy it in the shops just for the lyrics and artwork.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


So here's that blog about my year.
Prominent memories, good and bad:

A Day To Remember.

Fucking that girl that stole Cian's hat in Whelans.

Discovering Burning Angel.

Discovering the Basin Club and realising I'm not so bad off.

Discovering Ian Francis and Antony Micallef.

Never getting to see Have Heart (and now i never will).

Laurence's house in Stillorgan and hiding from drug dealers who want money.

Visiting my brother in Coventry (best house ever!).

Missing Amy (Awh!)

Stilnoct (best medicine ever!)

My 21st birthday (one of the best nights of my life)

The trailer for Tron Legacy.

Where the wild things are.

Me and Avril on the dart.

Family Reunion in the Dublin Mountains (so many flies).

Playing Tennis with Podge and Fil.

Sneaking in to see Final Fantasy with Martin in Whelans (thanks Markey).

Discovering Beat Literature (although i think that might have been later 2008).

Going crazy for the third time and spending 2 months in hospital.

That weird Lucid Dream i had while i was in hospital (although I'm not sure it was a lucid dream, could have been a hallucination).

Glauce's cupcakes.

Seeing Bane in April.

Pro-Palestinian Rallies.

Pub times.

Venture Bros Season 3.

Looking forward to Venture Bros Season 4.

Getting Blood tests twice a week.

Cheap Lunches in The Sibin.

Nausea (all year)

Motilium and Kwells.

A pleasant Christmas.

Beginners Creative Writing in the Writers Centre.

Triona's Art Exhibition in the Solstice Centre.

Downloading every episode of Stargate.

Conspiracy Theories.

Worrying about my Health.

...that's pretty much it, roll on 2010.