Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I sold my soul to the open road

I was in the basin club last week as usual, having a smoke outside and this elderly guy called Tom (hes actually the best, always making jokes and pulling pranks) says to me, "i never really noticed before, but you're the spitting image of our Lord"
of course i burst into laughter and eventually thank him for such a blasphemous compliment. I go inside and sit down with everyone, tom comes in, gets everyone attention and says "Isn't Andrew the spitting image of Christ?"
everyone being such a dumb piece of shit there just nods obediently and says yeah like the drones they are, nobody laughed, pity.

After this i went to larrys house but didnt stay long and went home, however i went back the day after. I dont really remember what we did, we swapped books, i gave him the catcher in the rye and he gave me the raw shark texts, which i have to say im finding rather childishly written, but it may change, we'll see.
Anne marie came over anyway, she was spending valentines weekend over there, MY BROS GONNA GET SOME!!!
So we had a few cans, played a bitta halo, watched the breakfast club (amazing film), and then went to sleep. At like 4 in the morning i hear these shouts from outside, the door opens and 2 dark silhouettes come into the room.

"CHOCOLATE LOVE!!!" i hear from one of them.
"COFFEE BLACK!!!" from the other

yeah its mark and mig.
wankers, waking me up like that.

Saturday was valentines day, im not big on valentines day. sometimes i do something, mostly not though. this year i wasnt doing anything special. But my dad invited me to his freemasons dinner that was on.
The company is alright, food is good and im looking to join so i take him up on it.
Then i wonder if amy is working that night. So i text her and yes she is.
It was very funny, amy serving me stuff all night, "top up your drink sir?"

In other news, im getting my disability allowance soon. I talked to my social worker and he gave me all the forms to fill out and i have to go see him on wednesday morning and he'll set me up with some $$$ from the community welfare officer.
The first thing im buying is a ticket to a day to remember, homesick is the best thing iv heard in months.

Soundtrack for the day - The Downfall of us All - A Day To Remember

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Needle In My Mind

I’m in trouble again.
It seems every year
It happens

Everywhere a maze, Everyone a Sphinx
I am learning restitution
Drowning in seas of iron

These are my eyes,
Dull purple, like
Those clouds that cover us

Like the day
I finally woke into a dream.
I terrify myself.

This face, the eye pits, the crooked set of teeth
The unique imperfections of my face
Will one day fade

And I will be secure
At peace

And at home.

And I am just a man.
And I am only young.
And I am a broken winged bird.

And I’ve made a deal with the devil
I’m only ill if I take the pills.
The devil doesn’t mind.

Nevertheless, I am the same, identical boy.
Driven by fears.

Guided by fate.

I spill blood

On pictures of friends,
I touch it and I write miracles.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Uncle Designed The Anal Staircase

i got up well late today, 11, which is disastrous, iv been getting up around 8 everyday this week which is great, lots of time to do things.
iv decided im only gonna post my shit poems on this blog, all the good ones are going straight to competitions. So that last blog is pretty shit, its ok, but a bit gay.

Eoin came back last week and we went hanging in town on Tuesday, i met him outside the basin club and we went walking around the basin and around the royal canal park, that was nice but it was freezing and snowing. Eoin misses beijing already, i think its just cos dunshaughlin is so shit. i told him about the origin of xiao xin in chinese, generally it means "caution" but literally it means "small heart", well ill tell ya, it comes from a 15th century proverb about fathers telling their sons who are being married off for money not to get emotionally involved with their wives, who could die at any time. i got it from the saosin wikipedia page. Needless to say eoin was very impressed and wanted to tell his whole class.
Then we went to the hugh lane gallery which i found really boring except for francis bacons studio which was really messy. when we went to the toilets in there i couldnt use the taps, we later found out they were automatic so you just had to put your hands under the tap and hey presto you got water, how foolish of us.
So then we tried to find the writers museum but couldnt so we went to get burritos, delish, taco taco is awesome, theres no denying this.

Iv been loving boards of canada again lately, geogaddi is definitely one of the best albums iv ever listened to. it almost has a spiritual feel to it, fucking trippy too.
also everyone should listen to no bra's song munchausen, its hilarious.

I have an appointment with my psychiatrist today and hopefully hes gonna reduce my medication, im really sick of taking so much so i really hope it'll happen this time.
Last time he listed all the crazy things iv done to highlight how much better i am, from feeling fucked up in laurences house and thinking i was talking to god outside to that time i locked my parents out of the house cos i thought they were possessed. That was very embarrassing.

Soundtrack for the day - All of Geogaddi - Boards of Canada