Friday, January 30, 2009

You are one of the most amazing people i have ever met

I sit here waiting patiently at home
My body icy from bare winters
Reciting tales and epics all alone

I read your movements like I read a stone
Ordinary, mysterious
I sit here waiting patiently at home

An army, all on our own

We can call each other brother
Reciting tales and epics all alone

Of my memory, I will write in an endless tome
Feeling tickled by your laughs
I sit here waiting patiently at home

I know you now, how you have grown
Respect, admiration, esteem
Reciting tales and epics all alone

Running through yellow hair with your comb
My body snug from petty chatter
I sit here waiting patiently at home
Reciting tales and epics all alone

Saturday, January 17, 2009

This is the way the world ends Not with a bang but a whimper.

i was browsing just a second ago and in its recommendations for me was Enya's 'and winter came'...
what the hell? how the damn did that come up, when have i ever bought something even remotely similar to enya.
has my mum been using my account, i dunno.

i sent off that poem to that competition, fingers crossed. im writing a villanelle at the minute and its really hard, the thing with villanelles is you have to pick a word at the beginning to rhyme with all the way through and i picked a really bad word - birth. i can think of like 8 other words that rhyme with birth and none of them seem to correspond to the poems feelings, i might just convert it into a regular open poem if its too hard.

thats all for today.

Soundtrack for the day - Promises Kept - Champion

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The leading man can't go on he's drunk as a bastard!

i suddenly realised i forgot about my blog, its about time i updated it.
So of late iv been feeling pretty good. iv been writing a lot, i really wanna post some poems here but im entering a few competitions and if they find the poem on the internet its automatically disqualified. probably wont win though, theyre all international competitions so some ivy league phony will enter and win, thats another thing, i just read the catcher in the rye again and i keep talking like holden caulfield since iv read it, lousy goddam flits. but anyway i hope i win, i could really use the money and i dont really wanna get a job.
Perhaps i could just live off poetry and short story competitions for the rest of my life.

The other day i was chilling in the basin club reading allen ginsberg, the guys a scary bastard. cian would like him, full of homoerotic imagery.
anyway i was there reading and the guys were talking about conspiracy theories and shit, all of a sudden vril walks in the door. Im sitting there completely nonplussed, i didnt even know she was in the country. so we have our hugs and talk for ages and it was really nice, havnt talked like that in ages, where you have something to say all the time, like you say something and halfway through saying that you think of something else to say and so on.
by the way, vril isnt her real name, its avril, its just a private joke we have with each other.

So tomorow im going into town to go to the basin club for my induction, dont really know whats gonna be happening there but after ill probably be heading to laurences gaf, chillax there for the night. i also need to get an eraser, everytime i go into town i always intend to get one but always forget so this time im definitely going to get one.

no links this time, oh well.

Soundtrack for the day - ghost man on third - taking back sunday