Sunday, May 30, 2010

Thumbs up...

Yesterday i had more fun in 4 hours than I've had in a long time, alcohol worked for me this time, I was an extrovert for those few hours.

Gentle giants.

I dont know who this guy is...i think he was from turkey or something.

Everyone hates this guy.

Looks like such a complete stoner.


Aoife is now my favourite new person.

This guy just dives in front of every camera, what a freak.

This chap is wanted for crimes against humanity in the former Yugoslav republics.

€100 sounds like a good price for my paintings at the exhibition. Maybe more...don't tell anyone I'm making the frames myself.


Friday, May 28, 2010


I saw sex and the city 2 today...jaysus.

Luckily Anne Marie was there so i can say she wanted to see it...although really i did want to see it...mostly for Kim Cattrall.

- Le Freak

p.s. I forgot to buy sunglasses AGAIN!

Sunday, May 23, 2010


I'm a terrible photographer, every photo has my finger on the lens.

We walked up there, our feet were destroyed.


I wish we went to the island, next time.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Theres just not enough time in the day.

Today was one of those rare days when i just hang out, nothing really happened which is great, just had a few beers with podge and burnell.
I cant work on such a gorgeous day, its wrong, the day deserves to have you enjoy it, i feel like im letting nature down if i stay inside all day working. Thats stupid isnt it.

So yeah, i need more time to work. The whole stay up at night thing doesnt work for me, you all know about that, its awful. Maybe i just have to be more efficient. Tomorrow im finishing that painting regardless of time, if i have to skip lunch so be it.

Its nice when people call me mandy, a name i got like 10 years ago, i like nicknames even if mine is a bit effeminate. Only a handful of people call me it though, i love them dearly for it.

Also its just delicious when someone sends you a txt saying 'i miss you'...much better than the 'lets get naked' txt.

Photos from howth tomory...or in a few is tomory.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


What was I on about with that last blog?

This blog is not what i had planned it to be...

I had a huge title planned for this blog but it didn't fit so i put it in the actual blog text then read it and became physically sick. Sometimes i don't recognise my own writing and occasionally I'm disgusted by it, like just now, I cant believe i can be that ignorant and horrifying... the word evil comes to mind but maybe that's an exaggeration.
I wonder how many people on the earth are familiar with the concept of evil. In recent years i have tried to comprehend it, realising it is much more complex than a violation of simple ethics embraced by the most faiths.
I can't remember the first time i read the bible... i think i am more familiar with it than most people my age in my society. I don't think anyone ever told me the meaning behind the new testament or even discussed it with me. People tend to concentrate on the plot, god sent his son down to earth who sacrificed himself to save the souls of everyone, the whole john 3:16 thing.
Nobody questions why a sacrifice was the only way redemption of man could happen.
I always assumed it's about war. How many soldiers lives can a leader of an army sacrifice for the greater good?...
War has always been about the struggle between good and evil with each side believing they are the good side.

People tend to mix up "it's honourable to fight for a good cause" with "it's honourable to kill for a good cause"
Horace said it best: Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori.

That phrase has been used countless times to justify a nation going to war with another. People seem so obsessed with a death on the battlefield being an honourable death, it seems to me to be the least honourable death, leaving everyone who hold you dear to the horror that is bereavement.

I've grown upset and confused by writing this so i think I'll make tea now.

Monday, May 10, 2010

This one's for Amy.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I'm wasting my life aren't I?

Also go look at rehdogg's "why must i cry" on youtube, embedding is disabled.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Nazi lampshades...

I somehow got talking to my mother about her life so she showed me her book of memories which is lovely even if my Spanish is horrendous.

Oddly she had a few boyfriends who met violent deaths, weird.

Ooh and the Canadian ambassador to Peru tried to seduce her...STEAMY!

The diary entry about when she first met my dad is hilarious.

"small dirty man with his hands in his pockets, darker than me"

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Spending a day in stillorgan, the dullest of places.

I used to be a night owl but not anymore. In fact I sometimes struggle to stay conscious during the day, I hate the fact that I spend more time resting than doing something constructive.
I'm nearing the limits of the discipline I have stuck to these last few months. Whats the story with pep pills? BZP is illegal now but screw that, under the influence it made me feel really cold and it would be a very bad idea to try that again.

A lot of caffeine just makes me nauseous.

Is there nothing else that can keep me awake?

and they were very wrong; benzodiazepines make you sleep, IDIOTS!

Even now, as I type this, my eyelids are heavy and its only 8pm.