Saturday, September 26, 2009

Let the babies cry

It was my cousins wedding today, I'm still a bit tipsy, strange because i didn't have much to drink, empty stomach chaps.
My dad and i were starving so we went to McDonald's - bad move! I'm not fond of McDonald's but the one in Ashbourne is just ridiculous, full of fat people who use the word "wah" 5 times in each sentence.... never again.

For the first time since before i got into hospital (this time around), I felt a desire to write, I wanna keep this going but I'm so fucking tired, I'll read for a few hours then go to bed and hopefully this motivation I'm feeling will be there when i wake up.

I hate the fact that i can never stay up into the night these days, i hate my medication solely for the fact that it sedates me into some kind of zombie on roofies - "I crave rape and sleep".

All my plans for this week have gone down the drain, planned on getting canvas, didn't happen, Its probably cos my mum wasn't here, she gets me off my arse.

This week, though, I thought about going around town, sleeping in other peoples houses and busking for money with my viola, just a dream though.

This week, i have to finish those paintings and go swimming with my dad, hopefully go to the cinema too.
I miss martin, hes a cool guy, haven't been in touch with him since Cian left, also i miss Cian, he probably wont be happy that i brought martin up before i mentioned him but he doesn't blog so I'm safe.

I'm loving Amy's blogs these days, HEYA HONEY!!

Until the next time i feel like writing, guten tag.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Where is my motivation???

these days i haven't had much desire to do anything, i need inspiration.

All i have planned this week is buy brushes and canvas in town, maybe visit the writers centre, jam with Fil and Laurence and go to my cousins wedding on Saturday.

I need to take photos of friends and shit and draw them, i want at least a modest portfolio.

I have already ruined 2 perfectly good canvases trying to paint Martin Luther King. Poop!

Hiya Amy!!