Tuesday, March 24, 2009

sigmund got my back...

i have a recurring dream where my teeth fall out...

...im anxious.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Im starting to think i dont exist...

Damn genetics.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Under Milk Wood

So im 21 today, the celebrations were held on friday.
It all started with me heading out to Laurence's on friday morning, for some reason i was feeling really jumpy and restless (not the good kind) so much so i threw up out of excitement, weird. anyway after that i was starving, so Laurence and I went to tesco and got loadsa foods! When we got home we made awesome stir fry with couscous, noodles and rice, i felt a lot better after that.
Everyone said it was exquisite. I love the fact that all of laurences house mates are so supportive about me cooking vegan food, they're all meat eaters yet they love it when i cook even though they know theyre not getting meat.
Anyway, eventually we went into town and met cian in temple bar, marcello had tattooed a 13 on his finger for €13 in fact cos it was friday the 13th. Next, we went to karma to meet mark and mig and had a good long talk with mark about whos hotter zooey deschanel or katy perry.
About 9.30 we headed off to fibbers and later met everyone else, i got a jigsaw puzzle from the richies and a cool embroidered teapot from amy which i would take a picture of and upload it but i dont have a good camera (i break everything).
Got loadsa cards from everyone it was a great night, thanks to everyone who made it out.

Tomorrow im going to see watchmen again with cian, amy, eoin and gar. should be good...again. Then im going to dinner with the parents at the cedar tree.
Im gonna make tea now.

Soundtrack for the day - Suicide Season - Bring Me The Horizon

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Yage Letters...

I havnt really been doing much recently, i really cant, i tried painting and that turned out horrible, i tried writing and i couldnt think of anything. I tried reading and that didnt work out, probably because i think that book laurence gave me (the raw shark texts) is shit. But i got some william burroughs to read so ill give that a go.

On the positive side of things iv finished reading allen ginsbergs poems, its really good, im gonna give it to cian see what he thinks.

Also, tomorrow im gonna go into town and give out some cv's to places, some bar work might suit me, doesnt really matter if i dont get it, ill be on disability allowance soon anyway. But all the same i need to get out more and a job would really help me get back to reality.

So in other news, me, podge and paul went out camping last saturday, it was pretty good, i got really cold though. paul can be a fucking twat sometimes, he really is an absolute idiot in some ways, i owe him money, i might not give it back for ages to punish him for being such a retard.

Its my birthday on the 16th, the day before paddys day. Im thinking fibbers on the 13th, metal karaoke!!! sweet. Anyone who reads this is welcome to come and buy me a drink.

So im just gonna try and write as much as i can these next few days and then going to see watchmen on saturday with cian and then its vegan johns birthday party that night, bangin!

Now im going to make a sweet lil stir fry for myself.

Soundtrack for the day - Werewolf - CocoRosie