Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Now its worse than it ever was

My nuetrophil count is still low.
Last test came up with 800 million per litre of blood...well that sounds like a lot, however normal nuetrophil levels are from 3 to 7 billion per litre of blood.
So i have to watch myself, no soft cheeses, salads or unpeeled fruit...for some reason.

Apparently smoking increases the nuetrophil count, so i have an excuse to chain smoke now.

If someone sneezes on me i might die, how reassuring.

wash your hands people!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I got out of hospital a few days ago, i was only in a week but it seemed like forever. i got reaquainted with my childhood friend television though, watching ben 10 all day.
every time i have been in hospital bar this time i hadnt been myself, rather psychotic in fact, so time always seemed to fly right by. However this time i was sane so the week i was in seemed like a year.
Anyway the reason i was in hospital was because my medicine lowered my white blood cell count to a dangerously low level, which left me prone to infection. I would have thought hospital would have been the worst place for me in that condition due all the infections around there. The day i left there was an outbreak of c.diff so i think thats why they kicked me out, i was glad to go.
Now im on a new medication which is alright.
Should i get the swine flu vaccine, i dunno?