Thursday, August 6, 2009

When the wind blows south

I'm finally out of hospital.
Today i went to see Bruno with eoin, twas a bit filthy, i fear sascha baron cohen is veering towards dirty jokes too much, he just wants to shock everyone into laughter.
True comedy is dead.

I saw a rather attractive girl there at the cinema and i wanted to go up to her and be all:
"hi, i hope you dont mind but my friend and i were admiring you, i thought you looked like zooey deschanel, but he thought you looked more like sandra bullock, frankly i think sandra bullock is a dog and you're way better looking than her, did i see you on the cover of vogue?"
however im not that spontaneous and i only admired her from a distance.

When i relapse my sex drive goes mad, i wanna fuck everything that moves, this was one of those occasions, maybe she wasnt even that attractive and my mind was just playing tricks on me, i dont care that much i love the feeling.
I was watching "stephen fry: the secret life of a manic depressive" the other day and i found the people he interviewed were very like me, i sometimes wonder if i have been diagnosed correctly.

My phone is acting up so i cant make or receive calls, which is shit, gonna buy a new one on saturday. Maybe some clothes too.

right now im loving craig template;
its a bit of a guilty pleasure.

Tomorrow I'm getting my medication off my community nurse in navan then i'll go hang around "the shock" with laurence for a while then its jills birthday party, and screw her im not getting her a pressie, she didnt visit me in hospital so she can fuck off, im gonna go and tell everyone how much of a cunt they are.

It'll be a good day tomorrow.