Saturday, April 25, 2009

Women and Children First

Bane was goooood, as were Glauce's vegan cupcakes, I'm glad i went.
After feeling really dodgy and sick earlier this week, I'm back to normal, at least i hope so, i have a feeling it will return. I was so bummed i was sick when health were playing, really wanted to see wounds play but i gave that night to Laurence cos he needed the money but hey I'm working tonight, i dunno who's playing, i should check actually, hold up....hmmm, someone called Grainne Duffy, i dunno, could be alright.
i aim to get drunk tonight and then get a taxi to Stillorgan and crash.
Thalidomide's are playing tomorrow, should be alright, except its in the tap, kinda dodge, never been there, it might be alright.

Iv been drawing a bit lately, actually iv been thinking of setting up a myspace for my art, i know i wanted to set up a deviant art ages ago but i might do both this time, i have to draw lots cos iv ruined my other drawings i did previously by trying to paint them and i suck at painting.

In other news, my dole got cut off for some reason, i went into the post office with Mark on Thursday and they said there was no money there, maybe my disability is about to kick in, i hope so.

Oh and i have a new doctor which im pretty happy about cos the last one was shit, maybe i just hate paki's.


Soundtrack for the day - Bostons - Have Heart

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Little one, I've made you sleep
Help me get back home
dark shapes and seraphim's,
help me get back where I belong,
Do you think I'm crazy?
I just see the world through crystal eyes.

Stop looking at me like that,
your eyes tease me,
starlight, the moon's out,
I thought I saw a little white thing,
Do you think I'm crazy?
I just see the world through crystal eyes.

I'll see you one last time.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

This looks amazing!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

He is shaking and dancing in her bat mouth

things have been pretty great lately. yesterday was larrys leaving party. i met him and nat in town and after food we went shopping aviators. The hare krishnas were out in force on saturday dancing and singing in temple bar and grafton street, merry bunch of bastards.
so we went back to larrys gaf and had some chinese, got our booze and settled in for the night. people started arriving at about 8 and by 2am i was pretty drunk, curiously i got really tired around then and decided to hit the hay but when i was getting into bed i had the urge to strip down to my boxers and dance around the i did. fun, i ended up staying up for another few hours after that.
today when i got back from larrys, my brother and i thought it would be cool to enjoy the sunshine with a nice hookah pipe. it was really good. then we watched falling down, epic film.
i dunno what im gonna do this week, but i did manage to get a night of work in whelans for when health and wounds are playing so i get to listen to some bangin choons and i get paid for it, oh yes!
im having the best cup of tea right now, i hope everyone reading this is in as good a mood as i am.

laters gaters.

Soundtrack for the day - Bats Mouth - Bat for Lashes