Sunday, October 4, 2009

curious sickness

I was feeling perfectly fine this morning however at about 2pm i went outside for a smoke, walked down to the end of the veggie garden sat down and in the next few seconds i forgot where i was, i forgot everything about myself, i wondered who and where i was, i got a massive headrush and walked back to the house.
While i was walking, i suddenly got really tired and everything started to go black. 30 seconds later i was really cold, had a wicked bad headache and aches all over my body.
I felt the same for most of the day until i had a painkiller.

what the fuck happened? did i have a stroke? my nurse has been worried about my blood pressure and heart rate.

I feel fine now...i dont understand.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Do you know the times?

A while ago i was told to listen to Emilie Autumn. So, i downloaded one of her albums, it was called "Opheliac" which immediately put me off, because of it sounding like some 14 year old girls myspace name.
So i never went near it when listening to music, however in the last few days i started listening to it and its not that bad, its a bit cheesy at times but altogether its a good album.

Swallow - awesome song.

I start my course in creative writing next week, I'm rather excited, i haven't done anything like this since school, in my excitement i bought Ted Hughes collected poems even though i have it on ebook.

I'm currently reading Jack Kerouac's "On The Road" - so far its an amazing book, I'm half way through. It makes me wanna tour America in an old Chevy.